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Darlington EMS has become a key partner to us

Street Crane

Established over 60 years ago, Street Crane is the UK’s largest independent overhead crane and hoist manufacturer.


Street Crane needed to find a way to manufacture its standard hoist and Mains panels more efficiently and in greater quantities without compromising quality and with minimal impact on production.


Darlington EMS was appointed by Street Crane to take over the wiring harness production for the panels. Darlington EMS was able to find a solution that greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the process while ensuring that production achieved the required volume and high quality standards of finish. Consequently, the relationship has successfully developed over the years to incorporate wiring, sub assemblies and completed and tested panels, providing an end to end service.


Street Crane has benefited from a quicker and more efficient process that has achieved significant cost savings without compromising on quality.


Street Crane

"This is an incredibly successful arrangement for us. As well as the cost saving advantages, we also have a better quality of product."

Martin Street, Street Crane