Electronic Manufacturing Services

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This is an incredibly successful arrangement for us. As well as the cost saving advantages, we also have a better quality of product.

PCB Assembly:

Darlington EMS provides a comprehensive PCB assembly service, including:

  • SMT assembly
  • Conventional through-hole
  • Re-work
  • Hand soldering
  • AOI
  • Function test
  • Conformal coating
  • Potting

Our modern, versatile facility ensures a rapid transition from prototyping to full scale production, which enables us to deliver high quality assemblies at competitive prices. Prior to despatch, all PCB's are subject to AOI and function test where applicable.

We have a wealth of purchasing expertise and an extensive network of suppliers so that we are able to source the most ‘difficult to find' components. This ensures that we can consistently deliver to the shortest of lead times.

Wiring Harnesses:

From the production of discrete wires to the assembly of complex looms, our expertise in the manufacture of wiring harnesses is extensive. We cover a wide range of industry standard crimps utilising our automatic Komax leadmakers and application tooling. Our on-board crimp force analysis and rigid adherence to monitoring techniques ensures consistently high standards of quality. All harnesses are tested on our dedicated Cirris harness testing equipment.

We offer the following cabling solutions:

  • Complex harnesses
  • Heavy duty cables (up to 120mm sq.)
  • Multi-core cables
  • Ribbon cables
  • Co-Ax cables
  • Discrete wires
  • Battery cables
  • Earth braids/straps
  • Ultra-sonic weld splicing
  • Auto-Cad harness drawing and layouts

Panel Build:

Panel build is a key element of our business and we have a core competence in the manufacture of bespoke, small to medium sized panels. We also offer a prototyping / one-off service alongside our batch assembly production service, with typical batch sizes ranging from 5 to 50.

We manufacture numerous panel types, including:

  • Control panels
  • Starter panels
  • Automotive
  • HMI
  • Electrical power panels
  • Inverter panels

We source our equipment from a number of leading manufacturers including Schneider, ABB, IMO, Wago, Sarel and many others. We offer bespoke enclosures in a variety of materials and finishes and we are able to design function test jigs in-house, for applications across the whole voltage range.

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